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Our bespoke Legionella risk assessments are provided by experienced and well trained Legionella Risk Assessors. We provide legionella risk assessments and reviews to cover any building or work place environment. We work with all types of buildings from care homes, laboratories, and large factories through to small offices, business parks or rental properties.


Whether you need to conduct a programme of legionella risk assessments across a portfolio of properties in Ireland or the UK or have a single site North East Water Management are here to help.


We don’t just provide a risk assessment, we work with you to set up your responsibility structure and document designated responsible person duties, by doing this you can ensure that each person within the organisation knows their designated responsibility and what tasks are required to be carried out by them to complete or remedy the recommendations noted within the risk assessment. Furthermore we also provide a basic schematic diagram of your system which allows a better understanding of how your system operates.


We don’t believe in writing a risk assessment and walking away, if we conduct a risk assessment for you we will be available on the phone or via e-mail for any queries or general clarifications you may need over the years.

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