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We identify, locate and pinpoint
water leaks on site.

It is a requirement that fire hydrants be tested on
annual basis in accordance with BS: 9990 specifications.

Our practical, no-hassle and cost effective service
will help you identify, locate and deal with leaking
pipes and leaking water fixtures.

Experts in Leak Detection, Water Management & Water Hygiene Services

Significantly lower bills AND a better water supply. It’s a no-brainer!

Ensure you are Compliant with Water Regulations

About Us

Leak detection and water management are at the heart of our business but we provide a comprehensive range of associated services. We have built our reputation over many years as the leading water management company in Ireland with Engineers positioned to cover all locations. We are proud of this reputation and keen to maintain it.


Our commitment to quality and service is your guarantee that the work we undertake for you will be done properly, cost effectively and in a timely fashion with a minimum of disruption.

Our Services

Leak Detection

Water leaks? Excessive bills? Our water leak detection experts will find the problem and reduce your bills. Over 20 years experience in leak detection, water management, conservation and cost reduction, we are the leading water control and leak detection specialists.

Dry Riser Testing

A Dry Riser is a system of valves and pipework which enables the Fire Brigade to pump water on to the upper floors of a building. All buildings between 18 metres and 50 metres are required to have a dry riser system installed. The dry riser pipe is maintained empty of water.

Hydrant Testing

By law, all fire hydrants must be tested and certified annually. We can quickly and cost-effectively ensure your hydrants comply to BS9990 (inc BS:5306 Part 1). The verification procedure involves a pressure test and a flow test. Failure to comply may nullify insurance.

Water Tank Refurbishment & Lining

Just because your tank is corroded or leaking, it doesn’t automatically mean a replacement is required. In many cases professional repair and refurbishment work is a cost-effective alternative.

Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Under the National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland 2009, cold water storage tanks should be regularly inspected as part of your monitoring programme, the frequency of these inspections are usually annual

Legionella Risk Assessments

Our bespoke Legionella risk assessments are provided by experienced and well trained Legionella Risk Assessors. We provide legionella risk assessments and reviews to cover any building or work place environment.


Our Clients